Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kathy's Knitting Group

I had the pleasure of knitting with Kathy's Knitting Group, meeting at the Hudson Library and Historical Society. We met in the beautiful corner community room, which, if it isn't round, certainly feels like it. I'll have to double check next time I'm there. Nevertheless, we pulled our chairs into a circle and spent a happy two hours sharing our knitting. Kathy showed us a sampling of the beautiful knitwear that Ewe and I Originals will have on display at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Show.

Kathy and Dianne (aka Ewe and I Originals) produce patterns at an alarming rate. They also knit and crochet with the same speed. My experience with their patterns is that they are quite reliable.
If you are planning to attend the Pittsburgh K and C Show, seek out their booth. Not only will you enjoy their product, but you will most likely enjoy meeting these two warm and generous women.

I did enjoy the time I spent with group. I took Greg's vest with me to work on - although a small gauge, I'm still in the ribbed band at the bottom, so no great mental gymnastics required. However, I still managed to knit what would have to be ripped. I'm doing the vest in the round and I knit several hundred stitches in the opposite direction! I discovered my error and began ripping quietly while still with the group. I decided not to shout out my mistake. This morning, I finished the ripping, place a marker on the right side of the work, and took up where I begun last night. When will I ever be able to knit with a group without making a mistake?

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