Monday, January 25, 2010

Pick up and knit the upper body

I've completed the lower body section of the Einstein Coat, with modification. The bottom part is 14" long and the upper body will be 18", almost the reverse of Sally's design. I picked up all 137 stitches along the slip-stitch edge and will knit the full width of the garment until the under-arm portions are bound off. Then, I'll work the upper left front, upper right front, and back separately.

Because of these changes, I put only one buttonhole in the lower body portion, 2" from the pickup edge. The remaining 5 buttons will be in the upper body.
My gamble in all of this is that there will be enough yarn. I bought 8 skeins when I was doing the child's large size. If I end up short, I'll find more and use them for the sleeves and the collar.

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