Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympics Cormorant

Cormorant, a cardigan from Nora Gaughan's Volume 5, was my choice for the Ravelympics. However, I didn't sign up in time (I can't believe they actually have deadlines!), so I made my own petulant Ravelympics project.

In the same spirit of independence, I modified the pattern to knit the body in the round. To have any hope of completing this by closing ceremonies, I had to streamline this. I do love Ultra Alpaca. The yarn is soft and nice and drapey at this gauge. The body is done and the sleeves are about 9" long thus far. I'd have more done but I get sleepy and can never stay through
the entire NBC broadcast.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I just love this photo, taken in Dartmouth, as we waited in line to cross the river by ferry. I am convinced that this box and these flowers were put there just for photo ops! In fact, all of Dartmouth seemed like one big photo op with colorful buildings, boats, blue sky. Gorgeous!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Einstein in Boston

I'm stranded in Boston. Intending to stay two nights on a quick trip with my husband, the east coast storm caught me. My return flight was cancelled yesterday. Then, the snow never really
accumulated here in Boston. So I have one whole day before I return home. What to do?

Keep on with Einstein. The second sleeve is well under way. Now, my only concern is whether or not I'll have enough yarn. Frankly, I'm pretty sure that I can complete the sleeve, but I had wanted to add a collar. It looks like I'll be trolling for more Lopi to make the collar. Dye lot shouldn't be a problem as long as it is only the collar for which I need extra yarn.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2/10/ 2010 Einstein Taking Shape

There's alot to tell since my last post about the Einstein Coat. When I first picked up the back body section, as seen to the left, I absolutely forgot that I was doing semi-set-in sleeves and so I proceeded straight up the back without an inch's worth of decreases at either armhole. Nor did I discover this mistake until I had completed the entire back section. RIP. While not difficult, the rework requires time.

On to the sleeves. With Sally's design, I simply picked up around the armhole edges, one stitch per one ridge and then I picked up the bound-off stitches under the arm and then on up the other side of the armhole. Even though I've modified to pattern so that it is less bulky, I hardly need to figure how many stitches to pick up, I just read my fabric and use the one stitch to one ridge "formula". I haven't calculated how narrow to make the sleeve, but will "try it on" as I go, ending where I think it will look good.

The thing is actually beginning to look like a coat!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kathy's Knitting Group

I had the pleasure of knitting with Kathy's Knitting Group, meeting at the Hudson Library and Historical Society. We met in the beautiful corner community room, which, if it isn't round, certainly feels like it. I'll have to double check next time I'm there. Nevertheless, we pulled our chairs into a circle and spent a happy two hours sharing our knitting. Kathy showed us a sampling of the beautiful knitwear that Ewe and I Originals will have on display at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Show.

Kathy and Dianne (aka Ewe and I Originals) produce patterns at an alarming rate. They also knit and crochet with the same speed. My experience with their patterns is that they are quite reliable.
If you are planning to attend the Pittsburgh K and C Show, seek out their booth. Not only will you enjoy their product, but you will most likely enjoy meeting these two warm and generous women.

I did enjoy the time I spent with group. I took Greg's vest with me to work on - although a small gauge, I'm still in the ribbed band at the bottom, so no great mental gymnastics required. However, I still managed to knit what would have to be ripped. I'm doing the vest in the round and I knit several hundred stitches in the opposite direction! I discovered my error and began ripping quietly while still with the group. I decided not to shout out my mistake. This morning, I finished the ripping, place a marker on the right side of the work, and took up where I begun last night. When will I ever be able to knit with a group without making a mistake?