Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympics Cormorant

Cormorant, a cardigan from Nora Gaughan's Volume 5, was my choice for the Ravelympics. However, I didn't sign up in time (I can't believe they actually have deadlines!), so I made my own petulant Ravelympics project.

In the same spirit of independence, I modified the pattern to knit the body in the round. To have any hope of completing this by closing ceremonies, I had to streamline this. I do love Ultra Alpaca. The yarn is soft and nice and drapey at this gauge. The body is done and the sleeves are about 9" long thus far. I'd have more done but I get sleepy and can never stay through
the entire NBC broadcast.


anne mancine said...

I fall asleep because there are just too many commercials! Oh, and also, because of the ice dancing...

Kristen said...

I still don't "get" Ravelypics, but I know that the Olympics means knitting, and lots of it. But in CA it was on until midnight!

I like your petulant project and look forward to seeing it finished!