Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2/10/ 2010 Einstein Taking Shape

There's alot to tell since my last post about the Einstein Coat. When I first picked up the back body section, as seen to the left, I absolutely forgot that I was doing semi-set-in sleeves and so I proceeded straight up the back without an inch's worth of decreases at either armhole. Nor did I discover this mistake until I had completed the entire back section. RIP. While not difficult, the rework requires time.

On to the sleeves. With Sally's design, I simply picked up around the armhole edges, one stitch per one ridge and then I picked up the bound-off stitches under the arm and then on up the other side of the armhole. Even though I've modified to pattern so that it is less bulky, I hardly need to figure how many stitches to pick up, I just read my fabric and use the one stitch to one ridge "formula". I haven't calculated how narrow to make the sleeve, but will "try it on" as I go, ending where I think it will look good.

The thing is actually beginning to look like a coat!

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