Monday, January 18, 2010

Janet is not a genius

I sure hope that no one sees this current project and its name and thinks that I'm tooting my own horn. For sure, I'm no genius. But, I am modifying Sally Melville's Einstein Coat heavily, both to fit me and to take into account current styles.

For starters, I chose the child's large size. I lengthened the skirt of the coat from 12" to 14". Now I'm happily knitting away until the bottom piece has a width of 38-40". I'd like the fit to be on the small side of standard, which is 4" ease. We'll see, once I hold it up to me.

My gauge is 3.5 sts per inch rather than the 3 st per inch. I cast on 50 sts for the bottom. I also plan to lengthen the top from the underarm to the bottom piece so that the bottom begins somewhere around the hip. The other modification is to change the sleeves from drop to semi-set-in. I've seen the finished Einstein and there is alot of bulk under the arms.

Now that I will be working only 3.5 hours per day, I guess that means more time to knit and to document and to design and to teach? I'm in a spot that I hadn't exactly wanted - true part-time employment. But, I'm going to explore it more fully before I get out there and look for something with more hours.

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