Friday, January 22, 2010

Dilemma - to knit for a man or not to knit

On the one hand, I want to show the man in my life how much I love him by knitting him a unique, hand-crafted garment. On the other hand, I want people to actually wear the things that I make for them!

What better testimony to love that to spend hours knitting vest for said man. Hand-made says caring in so many ways. It is counter-cultural to create something that takes hours and hours by hand that could be produced by machine in a mere fraction of the time.

However, my man has high standards for the clothing that he will wear - subdued color, fine gauge, minimal patterning, and exacting craftsmanship. I can handle the subdued color. While I enjoy working finer gauge projects, I cannot imitate the super-fine gauge of machine-made garments. As far as craftsmanship goes, I may think that I'm being quite meticulous but in the end, there always seems to be some flaw that escapes me or that I have decided to accept. Believe me, that flaw will stick out like a sore thumb to my husband's eyes.

We were discussing this vest just the other day. I asked him to look at a couple of diamond brocade patterns, just to create a bit more interest for the knitter, if not the wearer. He said, "I probably won't wear it anyway. Maybe you shouldn't make it."

Now, what do I do? I have this Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in a beautiful cornflower blue - perfect for him. Who else can wear this color? It is not for me, but I have a daughter and a son who would both look great in this. Giving up, am I saying I really don't love him this much or am I merely accepting the reality that I can't satisfy his sartorial standards? If I rip, I have the pleasure of finding another pattern and starting a new project! If I don't rip, I can continue on, enjoy the creating process, perhaps work that diamond brocade pattern even though he won't wear it. I would just have to accept the possibility of his never ever wearing it!

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Kristen said...

This is exactly my situation. My husband is my biggest fan and admires my knitting every day. But the few things I have knit for him do not get worn, ever! I have given up. Besides, I call him the human furnace. He needs to wear the very thinnest wool sweaters or he is too warm. I could never knit at that gauge!

Your wool is a beautiful color and I think it would look great on you! I love Baby Cashmerino.